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Breakwater Review

Issue 35

About Issue 35

A Note About Our Theme — Artworks by JC Alfier


2023 Breakwater Fiction Contest


"Moonspotting" by Noor Imaan


"McKinley" by Joshua Beggs

"River Mumma" by Morgan Christie

"The Shed Philosophy" by Sean Lindsay

"Denny" by Ronan Ryan


"Gale" by William Ward Butler

"Carrying the Plants" by M. Christine Benner Dixon

"What Are Women For" by Mónica Gomery

"Distance from a Scenic Turnout to Grand Teton National Park,

as Told through the Eyes of a Coyote" by Paul Goudarzi-Fry

"On Palomar Mountain" by Tom Laichas

"El Paso New Year" by Susan Muth

"If Only to Witness My Parents Ca Dao in Quảng Ngãi" by Alina Nguyen

"Bosch Paints a Portrait of Me" by Anaïs Nuñez-Tovar

"One-Eared Greyhound" by Dara-Lyn Shrager

"Family Planning for the Aftermath" by Callie Treadway

"Dandelion" by Jeanne Yu

"farm of artifacts" by Anna Zwade


Artworks by JC Alfier

Photographs by Michael Buckius

Photographs by Roger Camp

Artworks by Kaylee Rowena

Artworks by Fabio Sassi

Creative Non-Fiction

"Dad Lost the Car" by Ann Levin

"The Boy Who Walked" by Nick O'Hara


Ignoring All Axioms: A Conversation With Ron Currie by Jen Susca


2023 Breakwater Fiction Contest Judge 

Ron Currie


Katee Fletcher

Fiction Editors

Jen Susca

Rohan Dias

Poetry Editor

Taj Madison

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