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Distance from a Scenic Turnout to Grand Teton National Park,
as Told Through the Eyes of a Coyote

By Paul Goudarzi-Fry

—no.        Half a coyote.

This is what you will do:


wherever you go,

you will measure the gaps in



And across the black tongue

of the world, teeth of mountains

                     meet the deeper

star-covered teeth

of sky.

            And I am


running there.    Forever a mouth.


A forever feasting

on young summer storms.


Mouth of all before me.







Where are you going.

Paul Goudarzi-Fry is a graduate of the Rainier Writing Workshop and the author of the microchapbook After the Hands of Another (Ghost City Press). His work has been published in Reservoir Road, ALOCASIA, and the anthology Beyond Queer Words, among others. He lives in New Hampshire.

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