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The tree out back
The Tree out back

Corey Hill

We are left with the question of

what to do with this small pink slip

the red cells of what we

said at dinner a few weeks back

would be another grandchild for them

great grandchild, niece, nephew.

Perhaps this is a lesson in wanting or waiting or

I come to see later that there

aren’t lessons in everything or miscarriages.

They are common enough,

even after having talked names or

potential sibling interactions, you can

find yourself figuring next steps

with the wet glob of all those conversations

the inertness of it confirming the Doctor’s

somber tones, the no longer heart beat.

You are looking down at it

and you are wondering what to do.

You talked about it together and

agreed that the tree outside would do

and it is not so hard to dig such a small hole.

Even though you now live on

the other side of the country, that tree, who knows.

Probably what matters is the something

the anything you agreed on.

COREY HILL is a human rights activist, screenwriter, journalist, parent, and occasional tree climber. Journalism at The Independent, Yes!, Alternet, and more. Fiction and poetry at Cordite, Antithesis, The Moth, Sierra Nevada Review, and others.

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