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white-hot space

when you get on

they will be your

long-lost family

crawling out of

woodwork and

claim you   to be

leaving them behind

will say don’t trust

them other people

we family   just met

will stand real close

to you, a winner

since you discovered

what they had been

searching for but did

not know until you

shared it with us   now

everyone wants a piece

they want want want a

piece of you so badly

have no idea what

long journey art is

before any applause

or accolades there

are many hours in

deliberation with craft

digging for gold   they

want it shiny & polished

this does not just appear

though it may be magic

each time   they will grin ;

play cousins for a minute

paul singleton iii (b. 1982 Fort Campbell, KY) grew up in the Shenandoah Valley town of Staunton, Virginia. He holds a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University and an MA from NYU. He is author/illustrator of self-published titles Sometimes Mama’s Just Like That and When My Hero Left. His writing has appeared in Maple Leaf Rag, in NPR’s On Being blog, and in Duke University’s Invisible Bear anthology. Ann Margaret Alonzo, singleton’s musical collaboration with Grace K. Wakeman, released their album Vagabondage in 2016. 

paul singleton iii
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