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two poems



Ice cubes pop

Out of the ice

Tray missed pop

To the floor down

Shatter tiny ice

Shapes hydrogen

Bombs drop into

Antarctic ice it’s

Called testing

Out shatter tiny

Ice shapes when

The bomb pops

When I pop ice

From the ice tray

I think of teeth

Pulled the pop

Like the ice cube

Pop I’ve never

Had teeth pulled

Because I don’t have

Insurance I wonder

If the hydrogen bomb

Testers have insurance



Pretty odd clouds

Watch down always

Behind whisper I see

You I know you see me

Cloud clearly I know

Your blue eyes I know

They never ever weep

And Im sorry odd cloud

Not weeping is good but

Weeping is also good Oh

I know you know I weep

Even when you watch I do

And you are made to float

For me but for you I weep

Poor clouds I weep for you

Anastasios Karnazes is an MFA student at Columbia University.

anastasios karnazes
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