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eva redamonti

Eva is an artist who depicts drawings that blend realism with fantasy, through movement and detail. She uses it as a strong source of inspiration for her ideas and relies on it’s affect towards her art’s overall movement. Eva has been playing music since she was ten and began writing her own music later on in her career. Born and raised in Connecticut, Eva went on to pursue music at Berklee College of Music in 2013. She lives and works as both an artist and musician in Boston, MA, USA.


Artist Statement:

My artwork has developed itself over the years. This was partly through practice, but also through the influence of life’s day-to-day experiences without touching pen to paper. Fantasy and imagination are important elements in my work. By combining movement, structure, symmetry and detail, I try to obscure the lines between cosmic fantasy and reality while creating a three-dimensional space within two-dimensional media.


The process by which I work begins with photographs I find that have an interesting composition or unusual quality to them - be that the shadows, the architecture, a figure, or a human expression. A single piece of mine could be a combination of 5 different reference photos. At a certain point I throw out all the photos I’m using for reference, turn on music, and find a way to connect everything together through fluid gestures and patterns. Music is a huge inspiration for me and I can’t really get into this second phase without some music playing. Right now I am exploring color mediums using photoshop and a tablet after the physical drawing itself is finished.


Eva can be found at:

instagram @evaredamonti_art

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