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Chorus song no.3
whitney kerutis

What if the room the door leads to is without walls.

You walk through and back out without transformation.

All these you’s running around the page are hard to separate.

We’ve gone too far inward, you see, like a star eating from it’s belly.

I am going to pull your head out of the barrel. There are

no more apples. You and that you are not really here; not really.

I’ve had my heel on the ledge since the beginning.

Whitney Kerutis is an Arizona native currently residing in Boulder, Colorado. She is an MFA candidate at The University Of Colorado, Boulder where she works on several projects including Timber Journal, Subito Press, and Letter Machine Editions. Whitney is the 2017 first place poetry winner of the Tucson Festival of Books Literary Awards. Her first chapbook Chorus Song is forthcoming on Patient Sounds Press and her online literary and art platform GASHER Journal is launching March 2018. 

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