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Breakwater Review

Issue 31


2022 Fiction Contest Winner

"Juno" by Sophia Terazawa


"The Science Hour" by Paul Byall

"Band of Gold" by Estêvão Sousa

"Therefore I" by Richard Birken

Creative Non-Fiction.png

"How to Deal With Your Demented Grandmother" by Ashley Anderson


"May Catalogue" by Alex Sosebee

"Grind" by Haley Winans

"Nighttime is to nectar as fable is to fox" by Amanda Hartzell​

"Nom de guerre" by Jeremiah Moriarty

"Intensive Outpatient: Fragments" by Jeremy Radin

"Grandpa Shot a Rattlesnake in the Goddamn Face" by Remy Ramirez

"What Spins Down" by Michael T. Young

"There was a time I was" by Em Dial

"Her Thoughts as She Looked Back" by Brooke Dwojak Lehmann

"Spillage" by Nisha Atalie

"Kron Vollmer Teaches Me the Secret of Life" by Karen Pittelman


Artworks by Michael Reich

Artworks by Jean Wolff

Prototype Inferno by Santucci


Drifting Through Dire Straits: An Interview with Chloe Aridjis by Jonathan Smith

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