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02-Dolabela Engineer_Guilherme Bergamini

the haints of the Jesús María visit their insurance agent at the western state hospital, before it became a penitentiary, before it became condos

Saleem Hue Penny

the haints of the Jesús María visit their insurance agent... (AUDIO VERSION)Saleem Hue Penny
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SALEEM HUE PENNY (he/him/friend) is a Black 'rural hip-hop blues' poet with a vestibular disorder and single-sided deafness. A Cave Canem Fellow, and winner of the BLR Review 2021 Marica and Jan Vilcek Prize for Poetry, Saleem’s writing explores how young people of color traverse wild spaces and define freedom on their own terms. He often punctuates his poetry with a drum machine, gouache, and birch bark. Nourished by the Southside of Chicago, Saleem’s spirit stretches across Pisgah Forest, forever rooted in Monck’s Corner swamps. Please connect with Saleem on IG/Twitter (@huedotart) and read more at

Header art: "Dolabela Engineer" by Guilherme Bergamini.

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