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josette akresh-gonzales

the dolls' house
at windsor castle

pretend Facebook doesn’t exist even though its little

red dots punctuate your brain in exquisite exclamation-

point fantasies / in context / Google ways to listen

to a son whose small sad face is

a tinfoil reflection of your own / the last white rhino

has died / search the front page of the internet

for signs of us / crunchy brown weeds underfoot

in the backyard / the BBC documentary

broadcasts a lithe posh woman in a red knit dress

caressing a miniature wooden chest made

for the baby queen / in your living room Jupiter’s

spot vanishes / the snow drifts against the window pane

shotty memories of a day in June when / at the top

of a mountain in Vermont you took a huge bite

of a salami sandwich and rested your back

on a flat rock while your son whose melancholy is

yours played Minecraft at his grandma’s desktop

translate this / the colors of the hideaway garden

are even better than the real thing

Josette Akresh-Gonzales lives in the Boston area with her husband and two boys and works at a nonprofit medical publisher. She was a finalist in the 2017 Split Lip Turnbuckle Chapbook Contest. Her work has been published in JuxtaProse, Lime Hawk, PANK, Black Heart Magazine, Matter, and several other journals. You can find her on Twitter @Vivakresh.

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