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Karl Michael Iglesias

battered new

maria pleads

six months for help

looking after maria

transplanted struggle

to put down    roots in central    

we are forgotten

people    it's been almost

six months since maria                 

lures     spring

to fund comeback

break maria

some good news

maria still pleading for help

six months

made maria victim

citizens    yet not

american more

isolated maria      won’t leave for main

land note    onboarding

maria lingers into a disaster

like an afterthought

maria hits

demands history

division of sending

award maria

help in aims

inspire bow & arrow  

attract council

power slowly

maria is better to roots

water return                                 

300 dogs following maria

rescued from celebration exodus

maria nearly grows as island

struggles to rebound from maria

can't keep lights on


blows out

first seed to ever

settle maria

why maker

does restoring full

power seem like a never-ending

task     skipped white

house still needs Maria

to visit    aid relief     

for maria     unions clash

over proposed players

maria never before madness

after insane

seeded upset

we just believed

in each other

why shocking    maria is better

will stand alone as gold

stunning recipe for maria

will change    what is

in maria    we are real

for one    still dying

staying maria    victory

validation effect

benefit from

a historic upset

art museums review maria

face recovery   

locker after    close

maria moves upset

post-storm chaos

face future uncertain

welcomes seed upset

club faces     defeat

react upset

reunited    maria flees

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Karl Michael Iglesias is an actor, director, and writer originally from Milwaukee, WI but has made a home in Brooklyn, NY.  A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, he has continued his exploration of verse as a part of The BARS Workshop at The Public Theater in New York, where writers/performers develop new verse for the stage. His poetry has been featured at festivals such as Brave New Voices, Collegiate Union Poetry Slam Invitational, Hip Hop Theater Festival of NYC (currently HI-ARTS) and the Contacting the World Theatre Festival in Manchester, England. His poetry can also be read on Apogee, Words Dance Publishing, The Acentos Review and upcoming issue of The Florida Review. As an emcee (Oye) he has shared the stage with Anderson Paak, Mac Miller, Chance The Rapper, Ludacris, Wale and Kendrick Lamar to name a few. Karl is also a proud Urban Word NYC Poet Mentor and a member of the Actor’s Equity Association. Hip Hop.

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