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Venus is a female illustrator based in the South of England. She spent several years working within a variety of different art industries around London before realizing she had a burning desire and hidden talent for drawing.

The general aesthetic of her work reflects a personal irritation and bitterness that has steamed from experiences of misogyny, patriarchy and a constant fight for equal rights for women in the work place.

Venus also touches on her experiences of mental health. She portrays her thoughts and experiences through her drawings, sometimes touching on issues that are taboo, or not ‘socially acceptable’ to talk about. 

Venus Libido creates work with a comical twist that is both relatable and vibrant, and she seeks to reach out to people in a way that is not only understanding, but also validating to others. There is a part of Venus Libido in everyone and she challenges you to find it. 

instagram: @venuslibido


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