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Martyrdom and Artifice:

by Brandon Coffer

                        pop! blue petals from the skin

soft snapshot                    portrait

                        showcase of hot collarbones

            Ma’am that button-down’s undone

            No that’s just California


Your line, Ginsberg                    side those sun

catchers                         such romance rot in-


Perhaps she’s got a head after all


Blunt world

arcs and the blue body I’m getting sick

            of worrying

            about missiles and long

poems that make me feel


stupid                    Bare-chested frolicking


                        —there’s no corporate gold

in Cherry Valley—


carry on                    slow days Allen

an admirable bust the crowd is still


            O hard as you tried

                        I’m not picking up the book

Brandon Coffer is an artist working in both Virginia and New York. The natural influences of these two places alongside an often abstract, collagic interpretation of interpersonal experiences and daydreams serve as foundations for his poetry. His work has previously appeared in AUROUS, the Journal of Visual Arts and Creative Writing.

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