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sara mae

i am in love with every mood ring i ever lost

I wear my father’s dimples more often than he

does. Aside of ugly laughter & whorish plum lips:

Yesterday, I put on overalls & became a beautiful

boy. Yesterday, I spit on a Ouija board & all my deaths

came back to me: on my knees in a windless room.

The craft glitter splayed across the claw foot tub.

I keep finding my body like moths towards the light.

Peppermint tingling the uvula of my name. Gargle shine.

Gargoyles coming to life, un-stone. Tungsten. I opened

my eyes skyward & a crop circle became my lungs.

My veins are thick with cherry juice & saliva. I want

to be whatever makes you arch your back. I want

to be the green you hold between your fingers before

biting into a strawberry, a microphone in an empty room

hissing from untraceable feedback. This is my magnum opus:

If the sun does not come out, I will bathe in thunder instead.

Sara Mae is a Taurus sun and crystal witch currently trying to ground herself in Boston, Massachusetts. She is known to be a public cryer, otherwise known as a slam poet. She is the 2017 IWPS rep for Slam Free or Die, a 2018 Emerson College CUPSI team member, and a 2018 Boston Poetry Slam NPS team member. She is a head organizer for the Feminine Empowerment Movement Slam (FEMS) Organization. Her work is published or forthcoming from Tinderbox, Peach Mag, pizza pi press and elsewhere. Her first chapbook, Priestess of Tankinis is out in July via Game Over Books. She believes in the magic of blue bicycles and orange lipstick. She hopes you think her bangs are not too long.

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