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Sunday Praise

by Sharon Lopez Mooney

On this woodbine day,

this singular day,

I am standing with

my brothers and sisters

to the left

red tailed hawk and
pacific chorus frogs,

to the right

the monterey cyprus and
coast live oaks

our family

breathing together
in this chill of winter rains

to celebrate

a benediction of life

singing even

where we are not heard

running with the wind

and no one’s the winner

we recognize

Your hum
in the satin echo

Your aroma

in the damp forest mulch

and we are grateful

Sharon Lopez Mooney, poet, is a retired Interfaith Chaplain from the End of Life field, living in Mexico, part-time in USA. Mooney’s poems are published nationally & internationally in: “Glassworks, The Blotter, Umbrella Factory, MuddyRiver Review, Revue{R}Évolution, Avalon Literary, ZiN Daily, Ginosko, California Quarterly, Galway Review, Existere, CALYX, Cold Lake, Smoke & Myrrors (UK)” and elsewhere. Mooney received a CAC Grant in ’78 for rural poetry; co-published a local anthology; co-owned an alternative literature service. In ’22, she was a “Best of the Net” nominee, and chosen for “Editor’s Choice” and “Elite Writer Status”. Currently she facilitates a poetry workshop.

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