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Eloisa Amezcua


at first I thought

this is fun

then I thought

I’m going to die

in the dream

where I killed a man

in our driveway

because he first

killed you lover

with the same gun

I pointed at his head

and pulled the trigger

too instinctively

even in my sleep

but I woke next to you

not panicked or sorry

but as if I’d come back

home to myself

and later on my walk

to work I get run over

by car shadows

some sort of payback

but it’s not real

the way stopping to watch

paramedics pull a body

from the old folks’ home

on the corner is real

and I think how

impossibly tender

it must feel to be so

close to the noise

and heat of being—

as close as I to you

this morning—the being

as it leaves the body

perhaps slowly or all at once


Eloisa Amezcua is an Arizona native. Her poetry and translations are published or forthcoming from Poetry Magazine, The Journal, Cherry Tree, and others. She is the author of the chapbooks On Not Screaming (Horse Less Press) and Symptoms of Teething, winner of the 2016 Vella Chapbook Prize from Paper Nautilus Press. Eloisa is the founder/editor of The Shallow Ends: A Journal of Poetry. You can find her at

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