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*In honoring the wishes of the writer, we have included a picture of her cat in lieu of a portrait.

Introducing our First Featured Boston Youth Poet:

Catherine Moore

"Sea Glass" is a throw-back to my childhood trips down to Cape Cod. Some of the first memories I have growing up have been of New Silver Beach in North Falmouth. I have been picking up sea glass there for years.  I keep them in jars and display them around my house to remember the good times I've had. This poem was also inspired by the writings of Mary Oliver, who is the first poet I started to love and hope to be like her someday.


Sea Glass

High tide comes and washes it all away,

until low tide comes the next morning.


I’ve been collecting since childhood.

Years of sunny day summers down the Cape,

searching for glints of glass

at my childhood beach.


Mostly browns, greens, and cloudy whites.

Sometimes blue.

Sometimes smooth, jagged, and sharp.

Sometimes pottery.

One time a whole Coke bottle—

once a refreshing beverage,

now between the rocks of the shoreline.


Now a piece

in my collection.

Catherine Moore is from Boston, Massachusetts. She is a twenty-seven year old aspiring writer and a cat lover. She gets ideas to for her poems from walking around the city and expressing her battles with mental health.


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