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probable cause

by Kaitlin LaMoine Martin

murder murder murder

kill kill kill

my beloved and i sing

to each other as we

shoot cops

in grand theft auto i

automatically remind

folks frequently this is a

video game

so as not to confuse desire

for a peaceful world

with a bazooka fired

into a squad car

i love the way they fly

away from the wreck

upon impact but it’s

just a game please don’t

take things so seriously

or you’ll always be shocked

it’s not like I shot them

execution style

or left their bodies laying

in the road for hours

I mean they always win in the end

you promised you wouldn’t kill me

Natasha McKenna

told the deputies

as they slowly stole her life

i shoot down sixteen

helicopters with five stars the whole time

before they get me

the chief here tossed pepper balls

near my friends

with a small flick of the wrist

i drive to ammu-nation

and fill up my railgun

launch five high velocity projectiles

the way they light up like sparklers

bop bop bop

boom boom boom

makes you wonder

who would do something

so horrible on purpose?


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