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In the Holy Land

by Dina Abdulhadi

Some get
vaccines, some
just get shot.


Do you still have family
there? I never have. But
anyways, let me tell you
about getting baptized
in their warzone.

A bomb for every arab
land they escaped to.


Obsess over the wound, but
do not clean it. Do not clean
any of them.


Nostalgia of our old men cultivates
grapevines binding us down,
sugar sickens stomach like
dates dipped in قطر syrup--
a woman would never be
such a careless cook.


A crocodile excuse:
hurt people
hurt people.


Grief is faith
you were made
prepared for breaking
open over and over again.
Is resilience a
limited resource?

Dina Abdulhadi is a Palestinian American writer and ex-scientist from the US South. A 2021 Brooklyn Poets Fellow, her writing has appeared in Mizna and The Worcester Review. She is based in Brooklyn, NY.

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