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Zein Sa'dedin

funeral for my mama

if i must in this i will bleed

lose the last of my tongue that mama can recognise i exhale

her name with an unrolled ’r’


hanging in the back of my throat

i built an origami coffin

and buried

her soft pink

rosarybeads in our back yard

in this new language there is no space

for god liness


Zein Sa'dedin is a Jordanian poet by way of the University of East Anglia where she has recently completed her BA in English Literature and Creative Writing. Born and raised in Amman, Jordan, Zein is about to begin an MFA in Creative Writing at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. Her work has been featured in Undertow: the 2016 UEA Undergraduate Creative Writing Anthology and online at #NewWriting -

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