Sergio Sarano


deep in the bones of engel another kind of splendor stings


engel is not allowed to scratch a cloud

          is not allowed to crash

                        into the ground            either

one wing of guilt         one wing of diamond

            one wing of joy           one wing of ash

                        one wing just in case of stagnation


engel has drawn a border between two selves and none are hers


the messenger no longer has a message

            but is fiercely loyal to the old

                        delivery routes of the negev

like any other bird of the air each wing

            is a tablet with the law

                        of demand & supply

            inscribed on it by the invisible hand-out-of-the-whirlwind


with a set of scales she soars all along the indifference curve

            high-rise favelas and underground heavens

weighing one little void at a time

            those plaguing the swift temples of capital

singing with voice of living bronze

            all this time the promised

                        ladder was a wall

                                    become tunnel


engel has heard the fulfillment of the prophecy of r>g is near


            heaven & earth                       

             master & servant                   

                  day & desire

                                    have not been divided yet

                                    in her mind-of-genesis       

only letters waiting to be laid out into constants and names

                                                      into the song of wages

                                                      into the book of surplus value


she sits by the western mirror and ponders what it means

            to be the first fly upon the trembling fruit





A Real Confession Has No Content


1. one of your faces is false

2. one of your faces is true

3. one of your faces is meaningless                                they are


tangled in inquisitions and the consequence thereof

            you have been forced to become smaller

            than the difference between                a needle and a lion


a good answer doesn’t answer

            the question                it merely sharpens it

                        says rebbetzin g whose beard reaches morocco


the question must resemble your offenses in all aspects

                                            your sunless side

                                            your golem mouth your serpent feet


you’ve felt that horror too                                                           ($)

            of running into friends outside a furry grocery store

                        of writing a check          to a government agency


you’ve felt that beauty too                                                      ($)

            of thighs casting shadows on a blue clarinet

            of blood noisily drying                        on the chessboard


bank clerks with their kind words will destroy you

                  figs and furs and onyx will destroy you

           hands kidney gall stomach guts liver spleen        prostate    


your heartbreak is economic in nature                                            ($)

            for the velocity of money has long surpassed

your ability to seize someone’s means of affection               etc


says she who sings like foreign currency                     the hours

are unforgiving and you are depreciating                now learn to

love the clay until it becomes a heart or worse   a thing to trade


4. one of your faces is imaginary               

that one is blame-free and fetal                         you will wear it

                   the night it rains frogs upon my weatherless jerusalem








Sergio Sarano is a writer from northern Mexico.

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