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In the House of the Wildflower

by Sarah Shields

housewife disguise: radiant skin                     oh, my Sunflower!! meat up my                    

big hideous face, one among all                     glad sunstock; such childs, bull

dogs, bullwinners, ring arounda                     buzzard. okay sun, mirror mine

undress blade, Sunday morning                    someday yellow lampshade and

green hushed streets – my shins                    against my sin; flies on the walls

and flies in the bread-bag childs                     on floors inside the bloom bags

baby brown boy in the soft sun                       we wave I wave he waves. love

take my stick to mud and carve                      into poured concrete hardening         

a-round your heart. foto-bomb                        tic-tic-tic-a-tic GLOOM; swarm        

plastic slimbs of summer, 15 in                      ‘96, I am a wound with its head        

forced back on. oh, sun-puddle                       drying up along side of Infinito         

red dragonfly scrambling in air                      (  these hands I put out to sea  )

perfect thing up against another                     perfect thing. wife in the house,

disguise: battle print yoga pants                     middlefinger neatly chopped up        

in her Twitter bio; from behind                       long, glossy hair sustains an age        

less body but in the body bones                     readily breaking into shards are         

colliding, homogenizing. take a                       plane take it straight to hell love

reverse the comb and ungroom                     thyself. scoop up our barely be-

loved mother and seatbelt onto                       stretcher, dump in white grave.

pageant of the dead pageant of                       the breadmakers, crooks of the

Covid Communionist, bedbugs                       scrambling from the sun’s pitty

face. the loon, it tics all night in                      little god swamp, tic a’tic vroom

baby blue boy in a big blues sky                      I see you in the lake, flowers in

your little bib-blue teeth calling                      her what she isn’t calling to her

‘housed r a g o n!’ give her a crash                  glass of Chard and a ring of glass

give her a bread machine, a juice                   machine, an ice machine, a laugh

cry or scream machine, why not                     give a dame a sex machine, Diane     

are you dead yet? is it you or is’t                    me––deseeding inside the mute

(I am on your side I was always)                    (on your side; were you on mine)

(? silence, lover; silence mother)                   (hushhh) ambulance of dreams.

Sarah Shields – dollhouse enthusiast, suburban misfit, mother of two brilliant suns: illustrative work at Okay Donkey Press; writing in Pidgeonholes and Berfrois. IG: @queenofhoards

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