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by Bianca Dunn

Breakwater Issue 32 artwork cover_v2.jpg
Breakwater Issue 32 artwork2_no border.jpg
Breakwater Issue 32 artwork5_no border.jpg
Breakwater Issue 32 artwork1_no border.jpg
Breakwater Issue 32 artwork6_no border.jpg
Breakwater Issue 32 artwork4_no border.jpg
Breakwater Issue 32 artwork3_no border.jpg

Bianca Dunn is a painter and collage artist from Sacramento, CA. She uses bold shapes as symbols of her own mixed identity–she is Mexican, Chinese, American, an artist, a scientist, a woman, a descendent of immigrants–and she explores the harmony created when they converge. She works as a freelance illustrator, fine artist, and art teacher based in Brooklyn, NY. Her artwork has been published in Hobart Literary Journal, Cancer Discovery, and Cancer Cell. Her work has been shown at Photoville NYC and with SVA Continuing Education in 2021. She will be a summer resident in painting and mixed media at School of Visual Arts in NYC this year.

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