Congratulations to the winners of the Breakwater Review Fiction Contest: Jakob Guanzon and Alexandra Mendeholson! We received almost 200 submissions, and our final judge, Askold Melnyczuk, loved these two stories so much he chose them both as winners. We're excited to share them.
"The Trophies of His Decency" by Jakob Guanzon
"The Punchline" by Alexandra Mendelsohn
Congratulations also to the winner of the Peseroff Prize Poetry Conest: Laura Cresté! We recieved submissions from almost 400 poets, and Laura's poem was selected by our final judge, Jill McDonough. 
Three Girls, Bridgehampton by Laura Cresté
We had such fantastic submissions, we also wanted to share the work of our finalists:
As You Are Drying the Red Chili Peppers by Hollie Dugas
Peonies by Jane Huffman
Children’s Day at the Museum by Lisa James
Ash Wednesday by Lucian Mattison
Ode to You Looking at Yourself Naked by Momina Mela
The Sonneteer by Sreshtha Sen
Water Water by Kelly Spong
My Grandmother, Praying by J.H Yun
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